Monday, July 02, 2007

Things you shouldn't say to your Wife/Girlfriend

Now I'm not a smart man. No actually let me take that back, I am smart, I'm just not very wise. I tend to speak without thinking. This leads to catastrophic results and have caused me to apologize to people more times than I can remember. Because we're now moving toward our 8th anniversary, my long suffering wife has had to deal with more of these quotable idiotism than anyone else. In no particular order I give you my top five least favorite lines from our romantic life together.

1. Honey sometimes you do stupid things,

2. (Upon purchasing new shoes) Wow, you're almost as hip as your mom now,

3. I like big things honey, that's why I like your butt,

4. (Night of homecoming after dating about three week)
Me:...I Love You.
Me:...Wait, where'd that come from? I didn't mean that!
Me: Sorry about that.

5. (Within the first two months of marriage, upon turning out the lights to go to bed together one night)
Me: Hey honey you hear about that Mormon guy in Arizona that knifed his wife to death and used the defense that he was sleep walking in the trial? Well anyway good night.
Wife: ......................................mommy.

Here's another music video from a French musician, though this time the songs in English at least.


Panini said...

oh my gosh, stew. you are so funny. i hope this is all going in your singles book. maybe you should put something on your page that says people can't steal your material.

Roy @ CNM said...

I'm surprised you could narrow it down to 5...How does one choose?

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

*makes notes of things not to say*

Ethan's Mom said...

Wow....I just don't know what to say...Poor Carolyn

Lady dastew said...

Poor Carolyn indeed.