Sunday, June 17, 2007

Right to rule vs. Responsibilty to rule

Cami, pointed out that I haven't as yet delved into the political with this blog. There are a few reasons for this as wife could undoubtedly explain to you. First is that I value my eternal soul and the profanity that politics usually elicits is probably too much for heaven to bare. Though given the buffoons running this country I'm sure Paul is up there cursing at them (if only we could have some locusts).

Second is that I'm not willing to put in the time to research the candidates and settle on one at this point. Why? Well it's June 17th and the U.S. presidential election is not until November 4. No not 11/04/07 but 11/04/08. Yes the election is one bagillion days away and yet for some reason we're already being inundated with political adds, debates, and financing requests. Why? Because of these three men:

Because America is driven by the all powerful dollar, Turner, Murdock, and the great Satan have been able to manipulate the American political process into a type of hyper extended beauty pagent with everything but the swimsuit competition. (The very idea of seeing Hillary in a bikini or Rudy Guiliani in a spedo makes me break into cold sweats)

Still, I must admit that I have given some thought to the election and the current candidates. Here's my quick synopsis of the top six candidates as determined in current polling, followed by the political philosophy that drives my choosing of candidates:

Hillary "The Chameleon" Clinton(D-NY)Not a chance in hell. Too many people hate her. She's spending too much money too early.
Mitt "The Used Carsalesman" Romney (R-Mass.)First off he's a Mormon, yes that's my faith too, but 90% of evangelicals will oppose him just because of that. Second he's had more positions on social issues than Bill Clinton's had liasons.
Barack "International Man of Mystery" Obama (D-Illinois)I kind of like Barack. Yes he has some shady business dealings, but he's engaging, good looking, and charasmatic. Sadly people will use his inexperience (which Romney shares but you don't hear the same criticisms of him) and race against him in a general election. Racism isn't as dead in America as we'd like it to be.
Rudy "911" Giuliani (R-NY)Rudy's whole platform is 911. Which is sad because he was an effective administrator in NYC. His liberal social mores, closeness with Bushian foreign policy, and frequent cross-dressing will cause him problems in the long run.
John "$400 coiffure" Edwards(D-One of the Carolinas)John Edwards has been running for 2008 since he was the VP candidate in 2004. He's a flamboyant populist, who's richer than sin because of his time as a tort lawyer. Makes for an interesting populist. Sadly for him, Obama is taking a lot of the swooning middle age woman vote that would make up his normal support base.
John "Iraq's as safe as your neighborhood" McCain(R-Arizona)John McCain is a sad case. Here's a man who in a functional political system would have won the presidency in 2000. Who's now had to eat crow and suck up to people he called servants of the devil like Falwell, and support a presidency he loathed[s]. As a result he's invested all his political resources in supporting Iraq, meaning that he's already lost the nomination. Too bad, because I like how he pisses people off.

It's way to early to predict anything though. In fact, looking at the polls it could end up being Nader vs. Gore vs. Gingerich vs. Bloomberg in the presidential Election. Quite frankly I think that would be entertaining to say the least. This time I might not even waste my vote on Nader and actually vote for Gore. I just liked him so much in that film of his, what was it called again "The Day After Tomorrow"?

Now on to political philosophy. I lean left. You all knew that though if you're regular readers. Still, I do not do so with blind political devotion. I firmly believe that one of the great problems in American politics is that people believe that they have a right to rule. This gives mega-millionaires like Romney and Bloomberg, aristocrats and oligarchs like the Bushies and Kennedys the idea that they are entitled to office. This sense of entitlement is one of the main reasons I dislike Hillary so much and why I disliked Bush, Kerry, and Gore before her. Each time I listen to them I feel as if my presence as a voter is an inconvenience to them. To them it's a foregone conclusion that they deserve the White House, why don't I just vote for them already.

This attitude flies in the face of what I think should motivate politicians, a feeling of responsibility to rule. A politician who believes he's been given a sacred trust to not just preserve but better the lot of all his citizens is the type of politician I am looking for, and the type I will vote for regardless of party. That's the politician I thought McCain could be in 2000, and that Nader was for me, after McCain lost the primary. In this election I don't see anyone that fits that bill on the Republican side, though I'm optimistic that both Richardson and Obama fit it on the democratic side. The hard part is that this sort of Utopianism is doomed to disappointment, which means I'll probably waste my vote on a third party candidate yet again. (Is that the second time I've written that tirade on this blog? I lose track so often)

Back to my musical recommendations, I've missed them even if you haven't. What better way to bring them back than to link a bizarre video by one of my favorite French bands, Louise Attaque. I'll never look at wine bottles the same after this.


Panini said...

Stew, you're too funny. bitter though, very bitter. :)

La Yen said...

Right now I like Romney because he sent me a letter that addressed me by name and asked me for money. ME! He needs me! Didn't ask W, didn't ask my brother, asked ME! It is almost like we are related.

Roy @ CNM said...

One of the podcasts I listen to is NPR Books, and a recent episode included an interview with President-in-Exile Gore about his newest book. I must say, I got goosebumps. Which is a commentary on contemporary politics. Anyhow, Gore never said he will not run. You can read the interview at Check it out.

Panini said...

There's also a really good Gore article linked off of CNN right now - I think it's a TIME article. I really like him, too.

La Yen said...

I had a thought--what if Obama and Mitt end up winning the primaries? That would mean that people would have to vote on ISSUES instead of against a person--think of it!

Panini said...

I changed my URL:

Paris Soul Mate said...

Barack Obama 2008!!