Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Just a quick note and review here. I'd like to welcome to the world of blogging a few old friends. I'd also like to point out that a few of you have been demoted from my links section for not blogging often enough (says the man who blogs only on the harvest moon).

Yes that's right, because I don't see you often enough to flog you publicly, I'm going to use my bully pulpit to reprimand you. Consider your elimination from my blog links like Seinfeld's girlfriend's use of the speed dial:
JERRY: (rising) I had like a so-so date with Valerie, now I'm number nine on the speed-dial.
Jerry moves to the kitchen, with George following.
JERRY: So? I used to be seven. I dropped two spots.
GEORGE: What, she's ranking you?
JERRY: Yeah, this speed-dial's like a relationship barometer.
GEORGE: What is a barometer exactly?
KRAMER: It's pronounced thermometer.
[Episode 154: The Millennium]

So now that you know I'm ranking you I have to bid farewell to the Lukes, Chad, and Waldo. Post more and you might just move back up the rankings. Chad does get some credit on my "to read list" as the first one of my college roommates to have a book published (I'm only slightly jealous, but my time will come and domination).

I'd like to welcome Matt, Pennsylvania Dave, and the NM Turners. Keep in mind I'm watching you all. If you don't keep me entertained you'll be beleted just like the others! You're all warned. Also you all need to read la Yen's new effort do show the world the difference between good and bad mothers...frankly it's a bit inaccessible to me. I'll never understand how these parents let their kids misbehave...our kids certainly won't.

In other news I'm no longer posting any recipes here I'm moving them all over to Serrano Sistah's Scintillating Savories. I recommend you all wander over there because there's some real treats there, including my legendary Gine's Bread.

Wow that was a link heavy blog wasn't it?

Song of the day: Well nothing exciting just an old favorite of mine...which in keeping with the last post shows I'm old. The Waterboys doing "Fisherman's Blues" circa 1986. Now that's some awesome hair...


Roy @ UNM said...

This may be the highlight of the year for, the month?, the week?, today??, maybe this hour???...
Speaking of our blog, check yesterday's entry for my fun with podcasting. My plan is to add podcasting to my teaching blog down the road. This is all in preparation for the day that I never see my students in person. That day's a comin'.

Ethan's Mom said...

Da Lukes are being bumped off my list by Matt too. Slackers.

m3ng said...

Wow. And I thought I was feeling old. At least Garth Brooks isn't in my collection anymore. Hell, I don't even listen to music anymore. Where's my Talk Radio at?

dastew said...

Talk Radio=Old
Conservative Talk Radio=Old and senile

dastew said...

Hold on there Roy@unm, you seem to be using the Forbes blog for your own publicity. This blog is supposed to be all about US!

Roy @ UNM said...

That's right, blogging is never an exercise in self-indulgence or self-promotion...these multisyllabic words brought to you by the co-author of NM Turners...

John J said...

I can't believe I'm so far down your list.

Panini said...

ouch! and I CRASH to the bottom!