Friday, May 18, 2007

Becoming the best son-in-law Part 2: The Bourgeois and the Proletariat

First and foremost I want to state unequivocally the following truth: NEW YORK IS FREAKIN' COLD! I have known wind chills of -70 F here! I've seen 2 1/2 foot snow storms here! I have seen trees snapped in half from ice storms in September! Any of you who read us regularly know this is (along with our repeated irrational love of our cats) a common theme here at UsAndCats. Why do I bring this up now? Well because I just uploaded our April photos to Picasa and found these pics I'd forgotten about. Please notice the date. These were all taken at Lake George.

Ahhhh Spring!!!

Now speaking of our irrational love of the cats, the kids have kept us incredibly busy of late what with play dates and everything. Can you imagine a cat play date? What would that be like? They'd either sit around licking themselves or tear apart every organic thing within the room containing them. Actually they'd probably just find a patch of sun and go to sleep...I wish I was a cat (please note that's entirely for the napping and not the butt licking). I'm guessing it would be a lot like this:

Well let's get back to my in-laws, for I have yet another post about their awesomeness. As I mentioned below, my father-in-law is one of my construction consultants. Thanks to this wonderful invention known as Southwest Airlines he is able to come up here and help me periodically with projects that are beyond my skill (meaning any project as I have no skillz).

Such were the circumstances of the weekend of the 28th. All winter long I had postponed putting additional insulation in my attic. Given what happened last time I went into the attic you can certainly understand my reluctance. After going through the winter with what is the house equivalent of a halter top and daisy dukes (maybe R-9 insulation) I decided the time was right. So with help of some good friends I put in some sub flooring in the attic to prevent catastrophic fall throughs, and I prepared the rental of an insulation blower.

Up to this point I had no idea how hard it would be to blow in insulation. For all I knew the process literally involved me blowing insulation out through a tube. Well it doesn't. Instead it is a simple process that can best be described as a fine example of class warfare.

Here's how it is done. The bourgeois elite stands down with the blower/chopper, i.e. the means of production, and ensures that it remains full of insulation blocks, while checking his stocks and sipping on some fruity drinks. Meanwhile the proletariat climbs up in the sweltering hot attic (because as a prole he's not very smart and decides to do this sort of thing on the hottest weekend possible) and controls a hose that blows small shards of fiberglass all through attic, filling every nook and cranny. Now if the prole is smart, which this one isn't, he wears long sleeves and gets a high quality face mask to prevent inhaling the carcinogenic glass fibers. Oh well proles never live long anyway.

Actually it wasn't that bad and I am very grateful for my father-in-laws help with the whole project. I'm just hopeful that this will help us save significantly on our power bills over the next year. New York's utility costs are extra high as the government just passed a secret tax on all utility bills to help subsidize the waning effectiveness of NY's organized crime. I guess the exposure of the Soprano's has put a crimp in the shake down business.

The most difficult part when any family, friends, potential investors, visit is the process of trying to convince them that they need to move to Albany. This is necessary for a variety of reasons, mostly because we're lonely (we go through friends like Bill Clinton goes through interns...okay maybe that's a bad analogy). But also because it really is a lovely place to live. As a result of this effort we took dad up to the top of the Heldeberg escarpment which overlooks the Hudson valley and to Thatcher Park which I've also mentioned before. Here's some shots from up on top of the park for you:

Aren't the two waterfalls neat? I just wish that the trees had been in bloom.

I thought this was a good father/daughter picture

Now the big question is do you think I oriented this photo right? It took me a bit to figure it out. Given how crappy our little 5 megapixel digital zoom camera is I thought this was a cool photo. (No Lissa not as cool as yours but still pretty good considering)

If you want to see the rest of the photo's check out our Spring album.

Well this has been a pretty photo heavy post for you so I'll forgo my usual obscure music video link. Plus as John points out they're almost unwatchable they're so odd. I don't think that's true, I mean who doesn't like Hasidic Jewish reggae rap?

(P.S. I did cheat a bit with those photos at the beginning. I used a European style date stamp they were actually taken the first week of April not July)


Roy @ CNM said...

I still can't figure out why anyone would choose to live somewhere with humidity in the air. Don't you people drown everytime you breathe?

Nice neo-Marxist rant. But don't members of the working class usually hace some sort of physical adeptness? We non-elite weaklings have to retreat from class warfare by talking about class warfare and philosophy in order to avoid getting trampled. Or we just teach at the community college...

Alissa said...

cat playdates, class warfare, insulation, albany, blah blah blah... when you coming to visit the beautiful state of Florida?

The Cope Family said...

uhhh... 7/4/2007? Did I miss out on the 4th this year? Or are you being all european and putting the day before the month? sophisticates.

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

You can't start a post talking about how horribly cold New York is and then try to convince people to move out there.
Besides, we've told you over and over, the only reason we're still friends is because we don't have to see you every day. :p

I can't believe that you linked to wikipedia. That's just feeding the fire that is trying to consume the world's intelligence and turn us all into wikizombies.
If you must link to them, at least do it this way:
[bracket]a href="Some Wikipedia link" rel="nofollow"[/bracket]
That last little bit is to make sure that Wikipedia doesn't gain any more influence as a source for having someone reference it.

Now that you know my true feelings, I guess I'll have to go sit squarely on the bourgeois side of the room.

P.S. How do you like me new name?

dastew said...

Wikipedia isn't the receptacle of all the world's knowledge? I'm shocked. In any case I never said that the cold was bad just that it was freakin' cold. Cold isn't only bad if you dislike it...or if you get hypothermia, otherwise it's a good excuse for hot chocolate and flannel sheets.

GK said...

Looks like a pretty area you live in, kinda reminds me of Scotland.

Panini said...

;) you changed date . . . you are so funny.
Those are lovely expensive is that attic job? Our winter heating bill is insane.

dastew said...

No seriously those pictures were from April. To add about a foot and a half of insulation over 600 sq ft. it ran us just under $200.

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

*tap tap tap*

Is this thing still on?