Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Really Big Nerd

I just couldn't resist, though I think I'm much more of a Riker than a Chekov:

Your results:
You are
  1. Chekov 65%---Brash, rash and hasty, but everyone loves you
  2. Will Riker 60%
  3. James T. Kirk (Captain)50%
  4. An Expendable Character (Redshirt)45%
  5. Spock 42%
  6. Deanna Troi 40%
  7. Jean-Luc Picard 40%
  8. Data 32%
  9. Worf 30%
  10. Uhura 30%
  11. Leonard McCoy (Bones) 25%
  12. Beverly Crusher 20%
  13. Mr. Scott 20%
  14. Geordi LaForge 15%
  15. Mr. Sulu 15%
Click here to take the Star Trek Personality Test


Panini said...

ah. . . i love you for this! ;) I took the Myers-Briggs Star Trek test years ago, which was awesome. I had Beverly Crushers personality--and the fact that she was my favorite suddenly made sense.

Panini said...

okay--just took this one, and came up the same. :) I was shootin for Kathryn Janeway so my results are probably skewed.

dastew said...

I actually put this up just for you Panini. Might I add as a side note I find it very satisfying to know that there's a whole group of readers out there who get frustrated with us for not posting more regularly. I'm trying to do these weekly, anymore than that and I think we'd get boring.

Ethan's Mom said...

Mine shows a weird trend. Beverly Crusher 85%, Spock 72%, Deanna Troi 70%, Data 62%... So I think I'm apparently a female (with all of the associated emotions and maternal instincts) and an obsessively logical nerd. Hey! That's right!

dastew said...

E.M. and you were surprised by this?

Lady dastew said...

I am totally a Will Riker. But my close second was an expendable character in a redshirt. Not sure what that means. But I think there is a relationship between how often I wear miniskirts and how many women I've made out with. Hmmm.

Alissa said...

dude. i'm totally the expendable character... you should never take these things when you're feeling bad about yourself.

Panini said...

:)tHANKS, stew.
Alissa, that's hilarious.
p.s.I love it when people post everyday . . . . but I certainly understand what a challenge it is, as I'm lucky to come in once a week as well.