Thursday, March 08, 2007

Why I like having West Virginia's State Flower (aka the satellite dish) on the roof of my house

Wife here. I have been thinking about our satellite dish lately and while it may be more of an eyesore sitting on the roof of our house, we both agree that we love it and here's why.
1. BYUtv--Make fun if you like but I am able to live in upstate New York and still watch General Conference on my couch in my jammies, having woken up 10 minutes before the morning session begins (which, in upstate New York is noon, by the way). Also, where else can I see 'Saturday's Warrior' or 'Abinidi: The Opera.' Seriously, 'Abinidi: The Opera.' You can totally tell that its some TMA doctoral student's life work but it's Hilarious.
2. IMF--The International Music Feed. This is my source for all things cool music, where I discover new bands from the world over (mostly America and Great Britain). And since I listen to cool music, I am therefore still cool even though I will be married to a 30 year old in just a few short months. And I have IMF to thank for it.
3. Serious Satellite Radio and several CD all music stations--Radio with no commercials. Awesome for cleaning the house. I just set it on the 90's Alternative Rock station (you know, when music was good), turn up the surround sound speakers so it reverberates through the entire house and there's no stopping me. At least not until Law & Order comes on.
4. CSTV--College Sports television. We can still watch BYU sports and therefore our children will want to attend BYU (unless they see 'Abinidi: The Opera' and think that all of BYU is that lame) and as a parent who will help her children pay for college, this is good.
5. It doesn't really go out during bad weather like the cable commercials make it sound. We've watched on windy days and during New York snowstorms with no problems.
6. The Extras--like the Karaoke channel. Now I just need friends good enough to embarrass themselves like those who were there during that magical night in Provo so many years ago now.
7. All this for something like $45 a month. What a steal. Now I just have to convince my husband that an extra $5 a month for a DVR is worth it.
That is all. Now I think I'll go watch television.


La Yen said...

I would do Kareoke with you. And the DVR is worth its weight in gold, especially for those times that you discover that The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is not available on DVD, and you are glad that you recorded it on the DVR because the two-year-old will ONLY go to sleep after watching it three times.

John J said...

If we had a DVR it would be full of Curious George and Caillou.

And the occasional BSG episode.

But certainly nothing lame like Buffy :p

Alissa said...

if you remember... i did not have such a good time as y'all at the magical karaoke night... not sure why...

good talking to you guys today... even if i did ruin your post-temple high

Panini said...

Hey Lyn~ I wasn't there for karoke, but we had some rockin WE DIDN'T START THE FIRE scream-a-thons and I'm sure any karoke club would benefit from your spirited membership. :) I don't even know what DVR is, but that's cool that you like the BYU channel. ;)
p.s.Is Alissa someone I know?

Lady dastew said...

I don't think you know Alissa, though you may have met her. She's a friend from growing up who lived in Utah while we did. No one sings with me anymore, though coworkers do walk into my office while I'm singing along with my cds.