Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ode to Childlessness

First and foremost I have to give a shout out to our dear friend la Yen. She put it better than I could in her last blog.

Second and not quite foremost, I have to apologize for the length of the last blog. I know it was almost unreadable it was so long, but that's life.

Third and really not that important, to all our friends out there, STOP HAVING BABIES!!! If I hear of anymore of you procreating I'm going to move you to some sort of play date prison where all your toddlers, grade schoolers, and infanters (it only seemed right to add an -er) can scream together and throw blocks at you all! My roommates who all graduated around 2002 have now produced an estimated 24 children from five couples. Now since Carolyn and I haven't contributed to this burgeoning army we average about 6 kids per couple in five years time. Way to go guys. Since our apartment was nicknamed "The House of Groove" I can only assume that I'm the only one who doesn't know how to get my "Groove" on. Please don't leave any hints about grooving in the comments...I like to think you all conceived via immaculate conception.

In fact of the forty or so couples we've kept in good contact with over the years that meet the basic requirement of having been married at least two years only one couple besides us has kept to our pledge of buying a boat before we have children.

Really I'm disappointed with all you peoples!

Fourthly and lastly, here's a video for all of you hard rock fans out there. You know you'll love it:

I do want to add that this is one of the single worst videos and songs ever made. Also most of my statistics are made up but you guys do have way too many kids! But keep having them they're great fodder for the book.

Well fooling around on YouTube I found this video that I have to add to this post. This is one of my favorite Patty Griffin songs, I had no idea it existed in video form. Enjoy!


Panini said...

I'm proud of you guys for staying out of the fray! And right now I'm resisting a groovy comment of the yada yada variety.

La Yen said...

Year six was a good year, because people stopped asking ME when/why about the kids. They figured something was wrong and didn't want to tread on my toes. They just asked W in hushed tones, away from my line of vision. By year eight, when Jooj was found, they had stopped asking altogether.