Monday, February 19, 2007

Blizzard of '07

Well global warming, the coming Rapture, or God's giant earth warming ray did something to our winter this year. We have had a total of 20 inches of snow here in Albany. This is exactly a quarter of our average in a normal year, and a tenth of what we get some years.

Fortunately for all the kids that like missing school we got all but two inches of this snow in the storm last Wednesday. It was wonderful. All the schools shut down for two days, the highways were insane, the city and town roads were worse. It was pandemonium and certainly in no ways safe to drive...which meant of course that we both went into work.

So I arrive at my job and of course the top management had all called in sick. Meanwhile all the hourly people were becoming increasingly nervous and were coming out every few minutes to see how bad the parking lot was getting. That the storm was predicted to peak around rush hour put no one's mind at ease.

And so we worked for the first four hours of the day. Everyone nervously talking about how much the owner must care about making a profit at the expense of the life and safety of his workers (I hope he doesn't read this). Finally about 12:30 the decision comes down to send everyone home early.

Now this is a good decision, though it would have been better not to have us come in at all, but that's bitter water under the bridge. In any case the thirty+ employees left at the company spend the next hour or two digging each other out of the snow bank that is our parking lot. By this time we have about a foot of snow on the ground. It took a couple hours but Carolyn and I safely returned home, it's amazing how much longer the commute is when you go 30mph.

In any case our camera had no batteries so we weren't able to take any good photos of the snow fall but here's some of its aftermath. Including Lilly's first visit to a deep snow fall. She wasn't very pleased by this.

As I said this was a lot of snow. Sadly our poor neighbor's mailbox didn't survive the storm. What's left of it is now sitting on her front porch.

That is one unhappy cat!

Now I know very little about construction but I'd say the size of this icycle indicates that I might need to improve the insulation in my house. Guess I've got a project for my father-in-law next time he comes up!

Next Saturday will be our church's annual chili cook off. I plan on winning this year so I'll give you all a full report along with my award winning recipe when I blog again.

Now for an absolutely great song. This is New York New York from Ryan Adams Gold cd. Now that's Ryan Adams not Bryan Adams...huge difference. The main being that Ryan Adams is actually good. Wife will kill me when she reads that but it's the truth. The cool part about this video is that it was actually recorded on Sept. 7, 2001 just four days before the towers were destroyed. Even though the song was written for a girlfriend of his I think it's taken on new meaning. Enjoy!


Alissa said...

i'm cold. it's your fault. why can't snow be a byproduct of 80 degree weather, instead of 30 degree weather?

Panini said...

I love your bitter water under the bridge. ;)