Saturday, September 23, 2006

Growing Pains

Carolyn here. And no, I am not talking about the fact that I need a larger size of pants because of my insatiable love for all things cookie. No, I'm talking about the pains that come from getting old and hopefully more responsible and having to learn all about a bunch of stuff that my parents had to deal with when I was a kid and had no idea about. I thought that grown ups got married, had kids and bought a house and then their worries were over until about the time their oldest daughter got to about 15 or 16 (mom, dad?) But I'm gradually learning that that is not the case. Grown ups have a lot to worry about and I'm not even a mom yet. Just the stresses associated with not being a mom are more than I thought any adult had. And then there's things like home ownership. Most of the time it is wonderful and I wouldn't trade it for the nicest apartment. I might, however trade the home that is owned. I say that as we just brought home our new bathroom today (tub, vanity, and toilet. The tiles we already had) and after Stewart fell through the ceiling into our bedroom while he was in the attic having a look at the ceiling fan. He had just announced that everything looked fine as far as the fan was concerned, except he did notice that there was a problem with the floor, which is also the ceiling in our bedroom, namely the hole he had just put through it with himself. Stuff like that is not a big deal, and Stewart did a fantabulous job of repairing the hole. I'm so proud. And a little jealous that I didn't get to help. Fix the hole, not make the hole. Not good for my self esteem to be falling through floors and all (note my love for cookies). Anyway, back to growing up. We also bought life insurance this week. Kind of morbid, but in a good way. "How long do you plan on living," says the insurance agent. "To 60? To 70? Certainly not 80 with your diet." So we have life insurance. So for all you kids out there reading this blog, your parents probably wouldn't want you reading anything posted by the Forbes. But now I have to go because I have a paper to write. Whole different set of stresses there. But I think I'll have a cookie first.

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Alissa said...

YAY!! So glad to hear from you!

I'm jealous of your home ownership troubles.

As I'm sure you're jealous that I was up most of the night with a sicky Miles.

Isn't life weird?