Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Idea Guy

Okay here's the problem. I'm not really much of a planner. I hate to admit it but it's true. That said I am what one could consider an idea man. I enjoy bouncing off the wall ideas around. The Good Lord only knows how many brilliant multi-million dollar companies I've created when just talking to friends about my wacky ideas. The sad part is that I lack the follow through and commitment to really make anything of those ideas. In fact pretty much the only things I've been able to really follow through with in life are my commitments to my cats and to my wife (not necessarily in that order).

However as the idea guy every now and then you find yourself in a situation where people call your bluff. Where you make some outlandish proposal to a friend and they say those dreaded words "That's a great idea, let's do it". How do you respond to that? Well if you're me you just look at them with an expression of abject horror on your face wondering what you've just unleashed on the earth. Even more frightening is the fact that usually it's the idea guy who bares the brunt of things when someone calls your bluff.

Such is the situation I face this weekend. Several months ago a good friend of mine from my time as a missionary in France (What I haven't told you about that yet? Oh that'll be another blog another day.) called me up. He was making the big move from Oklahoma to NYC and wanted some advise. Now I've never lived in NYC but as a New Yorker I'm loathe to admit my ignorance. And so I say "Sure that'll be awesome to have you so close. You guys want to come up one of these weekends? Maybe we can get some more of our old missionary buddies together for a sort of mini-reunion."

Now when these words left my house I thought of two other people at most, and if I could keep my mouth shut that's all there would have been, but no I just can't let people feel left out! So now I have friends flying in from England and driving down from Canada to spend a weekend doing heaven knows what in my dinky little split level ranch house. I think at last count we were up to about 10 gazillion people making the trek and planning on sleeping in one of our four bedrooms. It'll be tight but we'll make it work I'm sure.

So that's it for today. I figured I'd give you warning when my post for next week is a profanity laced tirade about how I hate having guests because it keeps me from peeing with the bathroom door open. Until then....our featured song of the day is: "Smile" by the Jayhawks. This is a classic anthem by one of the greatest country rock bands of all time. I highly recommend checking out their album of the same name.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Our First Post

Now let's see if I can figure out how to make this damn thing work. I've tried several times, who knows why, to start a blog. I'm hoping that my limited skills with the computer will be enough to help me make this idiot proof thing work.

Where to begin? Where to begin? Well I guess I'll start with the most recent events. We just got back from our exciting vacation. Yes, you've guessed it, we hiked Mount Everest...or at least I think I dreamt about doing that...okay I'm not even that exciting. However I think might have seen a picture of a mountain on the Discovery channel while staying in the hotel at America's premier tourist destination. Disneyland you guess? Las Vegas? Myrtle Beach? No. No. No. (although we did watch a bunch of CSIs which take place in Vegas) No I'm talking about the most thriving city in all of America. That's right, Syracuse, New York.

Oh you're all disapointed aren't you? Well fine be that way!

The Wife had a work conference so I joined her out there to mooch off her hotel room and free food. It was very relaxing although I figured something out about myself...I have a hard time letting go of work now. I actually had to fight off the temptation to call work every day we were out there. It was quite frustrating. What happened to the old me that could sluff off work whenever he wanted? Now he's replaced by this homeowning geek who long ago sold out to the Man. I hate the Man! He's ruined all my fun.

And another thing, I got sick on the Friday we were there. Getting sick on vacation is almost as bad as doing office work while on one. Here I'm trying to relax and do some outlet shopping with my wife and instead of being doubled over in pain because of the cost of clothes, I'm doubled over in pain trying not to blow chunks!

It reminds me of my worst Christmas ever. I flew home Christmas eve on Delta from Salt Lake City to Albany. This is back in the old days where friends and family could accompany you to the gate. Well my buddy accompanied me to the gate and we were waiting in line to buy some breakfast food from Burger King when he looked out the window of the airport and said "Is that your plane?" I looked out the window and sure enough at my gate our Delta 747 had smoke pouring out of one of its engines. I was quite upset by the sight but figured oh well I'm sure we'll be okay...after a two hour delay! So they get us a new plane and fly us out to NYC where we have about thirty minutes to catch our puddle jumper up to Albany.

Racing across JFK I caught my connecting plane and landed in Albany an hour later. Sure enough because of the short transfer time my luggage didn't make it onto the plane, but since I lived an hour north of Albany they said they'd drop it off for me the next day, being Christmas mind you, for free. Well that's nice of them I'd say.

Well it would have been nice except for the fact that the chicken they fed me on the flight gave me food poisoning and I was puking the entire next day!

The moral of the story is: "If you see smoke billowing from the engine of your plane just rip up your ticket and fly the next day, because it's a sign from God that you're about to have a bad day."

And now for our favorite feature (favorite because it's our first feature), the song recommendation of the day: She's Dead by Jim's Big Ego. The wife hates it but I think it's hillarious.